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OU-533 : A Gudina - A Rua

Galicia > Spanje > Europa
Mei 30, 2008 - 5 ster route classificatie Motorritten4.7

A partly recently surfaced road snaking through beautiful countryside over hills and through valleys. Nice and wide with fast sweeping bends with very little traffic. This road encourages fast riding and is a must for anyone visiting the area. 4 of us hit this road in May 2008 after coming through the narrow mountainous roads in northern Portugal and if we werent on tight schedule rest assured wed have gone back and done it all again ENJOY!!!!!!!!

Vuelta al Parque Nacional de los Picos de Europa

Asturias/Cantabria > Spanje > Europa
September 27, 2010 - 5 ster route classificatie Motorritten5.0

Ruta que parte de San Vicente de la Barquera y se interna en la montaña rodeando todo el Parque Nacional de los Picos de Europa.
en su mayoría discurre por carreteras sin mucho tráfico.

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N625 : Riaño - Cangas de Onis ( Picos de Europa )

Asturias/Cantabria > Spanje > Europa
Oktober 10, 2006 - 5 ster route classificatie Motorritten4.6

Forst section is realy nice with beautiful scenery. Desfiladeros are a must with last section with not so good pavement, but corners are amazing. Road not wide and must take care with local traffic that might became distracted with scenery. Kiss your footpegs goodbye in Riaño and after relax in a cidreria in Cangas...

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N621 : San Vicente de la Barquera - Riaño

Asturias/Cantabria > Spanje > Europa
Augustus 13, 2006 - 5 ster route classificatie Motorritten4.8

Starting from San Vicente take the N634 before turning off onto the N621 to Unquera. Starts off a nice low level road with sweping bends & scenery before it starts to climb into the Picos de europa Mountains. A fantastci run along a mountain gorge with tight bend after tight bend before the road calms down a bit as you approach Potes. As you leve Potes the road gets a little narrower and realy starts to get intersting as you start to climb up to the summit at Puerto de San Glorio at 1609m - there is view after view of fantastic mountain scenery and more bends than you can shake a stick at. As you begin to drop down towards Riano the road surface changes for the better and the road is slightly wider, rewarding you with faster sweeping bends and a few good straights until you arrive at Riano which is surrounded by lakes... there is a service station at the entrance to the village with the best view I've ever had whilst fulelling and a great little Cantina just behind the service station to refuel the rider.

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AS114 : Cangas de Onís - Panes

Asturias/Cantabria > Spanje > Europa
Februari 11, 2008 - 4 ster route classificatie Motorritten4.3

One of the best biking roads in Asturias, but better out of season. In summer theres a lot of traffic because its in the way to Covadonga and Los Lagos de Covadonga. You can see Naranjo de Bulnes from a viewpoint in Poo de Cabrales.

Good tarmac with all type of corners, to do it all in 3rd gear.

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