Arizona / New Mexico : Devil's Highway and the Gila National Forest (USA_TTC 5)

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Route Added By : rabbit
Date : Februari 28, 2017
Lengte : 331 kms / 205.7 miles
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Road Type : Woestijn
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Februari 28, 2017 - 5 ster route classificatie Motorritten5.0

Frenzied curves on the Devil's Highway followed by a more relaxed ride through the Gila Forest. This 200 mile loop starts at Three Way, Arizona and immediately heads north and takes in a section of US191 named the Coronada Trail, also known as the Devil’s highway. This is a long stretch that consists of almost no straights at all and has spectactular turns and views. The road itself is quite challenging so stopping to admire the views from the viewpoints is recommended, also many of the turns are blind so one needs caution should be used. At Alpine, the route heads briefly east, and crosses into New Mexico before heading south on US180 where you can find more great turns and some beautiful views of the Gila National Forest. After Wilcox Peak, take a right onto State Highway 78, where you’ll find some more nice turns on the way back to the start. ( Image : Coronado Trail Curves ; Credit : Throttle Girl )

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