Charleston - Edisto Island ( Edisto Island Run )

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Route Added By : rralex
Date : Augustus 26, 2012
Lengte : 42 kms / 26.1 miles
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Road Type : Landelijk
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Augustus 26, 2012 - 5 ster route classificatie Motorritten5.0

This ride is a tale of two parts. Starting in Charleston/Mt Pleasant around Shem Creek East of the Ravenel Bridge, it follows Hwy 17 through parts of Charleston. This is the start and pretty much typical city, if you can call Charleston typical. West of the Ashley river things begin to open up as Hwy 17 is a nice ride if you want all the way to Savannah and beyond.

The difference about this ride really begins quickly. You need to look for Hwy 162 on the left and it will come up quickly. Getting off there opens things up surprisingly in a short amt of road. There are are few stops all the way to Hwy 174 which is the real sweet spot of the ride. 174 is a national scenic hwy that few people really travel, which is Amazing.

Turning left on 174 takes you on a journey that started more than 200 years ago and you wont regret it. Great scenery with trees and canopies that have Spanish moss hanging down. Few people and little in the way of civilization makes this a ride that youll want to do again and again. Some good sweeps and low country beauty at its best.

When you get to Edisto, theres not much there, and thats part of the draw. One funky little place is McKonckeys Jungle Shack. Its hidden at the end of the parking lot across the street from the entry to the Park as you just get into Edisto. No AC - plenty of fans, but worth the stop with some great Fish and Chips and ice cold beer. Great story about the place too..

Total ride time one way about an hour and a little more.

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